Being a crucial part of recruitment the technical interview committee which comprises of Department Managers and Technical Leads (Architects & Engineers) are fully involved in short-listing and technical interviews lead by Human Resources Manager. Selection of any applicant is done precisely and purely on the basis of merit, experience, technical evaluation & organizational behavior aspects. Depending on the type of job, skills & competencies required, short listed candidates may undergo evaluation processes (written tests / presentation) to help identify their skills and suitability for the post applied. As a standard practices most of the interviews consist of single session which comprises of two 30 minutes parts i.e. technical evaluation and Psychometric & Commercial evaluation. Shortlisted applicants are usually called in for an interview within 2 weeks post their application however this is not a fixed method and according to company’s requirement various old applications are also considered based on their merit. Relevant applicants which can be useful to Archcorp are encouraged to apply throughout the year so that we always have our resource pool updated with new talent as well as experienced professionals.